1. Say Hello

From the recording Sweet Company

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I was born in the corn planting moon.
In a house with a bright yellow room.
My mother took and wrapped me in a robe.
Set me in a basket by the river alone.

Say hello, say goodbye.
Father sun. Grandfather sky.

A shepherd found me and took me in.
His wife and he they had no kin.
I learned of life from wolves and sheep.
They called to me from their sleep.


Then one day when I was grown.
My shepherd father said I was not his own.
Where I came from he did not know.
He would not blame me if I had to go.
I looked away and closed my eyes.
I would not let him see me cry.


Years passed and I grew old.
The same, sad story I always told.
My mother and father they abandoned me.
I was raised by wolves and sheep you see.


Then one day a blind man passed.
I told him my story and he started to laugh.
You remind me of someone I knew.
He was forsaken just like you.


The blind man said, come meet my wife.
We will talk again of our old life.
When she saw me she started to weep.
A river of tears from a well so deep.
Please forgive me, I hoped and prayed.
That you would come again one day.


It’s a different story now I tell.
My mother and my father I know so well.
I carry them with me into the light.
They are the candle in my night.

Say hello. Say goodbye.
My father laughs. My mother cries.