1. Meteor Shower

From the recording Sweet Company

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I was 18 and so was she. Just like it was meant to be.
I was working at the county fair. Not really sure why I was there.
When I saw her coming through the turnstile. The way she looked, the way she smiled.
What's a boy like me to do? I jumped in and so would you.

I asked her if she'd meet me in an hour, so we could ride the meteor shower.
We sat and talked, I held her hand. Afterwards we started to dance.
She dipped and twirled right to the beat. She was an angel on two feet.
So I swooped in and gave her a kiss. Oh no, she said, not like this.

She wanted wooing, she wanted flowers. Not some old meteor shower.
She wanted rings with 24 carats. She wanted me to meet the parents.
I said okay, let's take our time. You can dance and I can rhyme.
She said no, it's now or never. Just close your eyes and pull the lever.

So I guess it's not meant to be. You know I just turned eighteen.
I want to laugh, I want to kiss. I want to spend my whole damn life like this.