1. Romero

From the recording Reckless Heart

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His name was Romero, he was a simple priest
Marrying the children of the rich, saying blessings for their feasts
He saw the rich had everything, no dream was too small
He saw the poor had to fight each day, for anything at all

Dios mio, escuche me
Da me fuerza, y di me porque

He said to them just look around, this doesn’t have to be
Give each man a piece of land, it will set us all free
This wasn’t what they wanted to hear, from their simple priest
Who was he to say to them, be gracious to the least


One day as he stood in church, amidst the bread and wine
Two bullets pierced his heart, to keep him in line
The blood of Romero spread out across the floor
A cry went up across the land, a wind blew at the door


The war lasted many years, finally the madness stopped
Each man with a piece of land, went back to planting crops
I suppose you are wondering, was it worth all the pain
We still have the rich and poor, looks pretty much the same
But something is different now, down in El Salvador
There is a new hero, they call him Romero