1. Only Thing

From the recordings One Life and Only Thing

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Don't need no words of praise
I won't believe them anyway
Don't need an eagle's eye
to see behind the veil of lies
Don't need a beauty queen
to tell me that it's just a dream

I'm just a simple man
doing what I can
The only thing I need
is what you have in hand
I'm just a simple man
or so it seems to be
The only thing I need
is what you bring to me

Don't need to travel far
it's fine just being where you are
Don't need the shining lights
just you beneath the moon at night
Don't need a forest path
to know which way is gonna last


Don't need the finest wine
it won't slow the march of time
Don't need filet mignon
it won't help in the great beyond
Don't need a room of gold
it won't keep me from getting old