1. Cold Feet

From the recording Reckless Heart

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I tend to write about the things that I know
Maybe you can relate
I’ve been married and single in equal measure in my life
I guess you could call it fate

I am nearly 60 years old, my feet are kind of cold
My eyes are as blue as the sky, my hair is as white as the snow

I’m out there again on the singles scene
I can tell you it’s a fright
The kind of women who seem to want my company
Charge by the hour or extra for the night


Sometime I’ll go and hang out in a bar
Just troll my line for a strike
I’ve learned there are some things you don’t want to say
To a woman you think you might like

Like, I’ve seen every episode of Star Trek
That has ever been made
Or you remind me of my ex-wife
Or, I’m just here looking to get laid


Now I don’t have to be a rocket scientist
To see the writing on the wall
The women in their 40's, they look good to me
But they don’t see me at all

So I’ve learned to just enjoy myself
And find pleasure where I may
If love comes along, well that’s just great
If not, I’ll have a nice day