From the recordings A Curious Thing and A Curious Thing

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A curious thing is happening, ever since you told me Plato said that love is madness.
I find myself falling madly in love with you.
Like the first time, only crazy, like snow falling in June.

It’s a bit unnerving stepping off into the deep end of the pool.
Just beyond where my toes can touch. I have to trust.
Be a boat as the tide rises and lifts me off the sandbar.
I don't know where it will take me.

Will a sudden squall come up and turn the water black with rain?
Will I flee the boat in panic and try to swim for shore?
I can see no land. I am adrift and alone. Reason fled at the first sign of clouds.
Logic took up stations below. I pray this madness will not frighten you.

If you find me shivering on the floor outside your room at night, it is not fever.
If you kiss me and I begin to weep, it is not sadness.
How can I tell you when all that comes out is grunts and cackles?

I am mad. My howling is my song. My bellowing is my poetry.
For god’s sake, lock me up and throw away the key.