1. Argentina

From the recordings Reckless Heart and Argentina

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Headin’ down to Argentina
Fell in love with a senorita
Met her in my tango classes
Said I needed lots of practice
Asked her to be my private tutor
If she thought that would suit her

She's the one that I've been looking for
I want to be her goodwill ambassador.

I went out to her casita
Lookin’ like a real tourista
1500 Calle De Oro
Down a street that’s straight and narrow
Met the parents, met the nieces
Gave them gifts of Reese's pieces


Took her home in a private taxi
She was lookin’ mighty sexy
She lived with her Uncle Jesus
God almighty he was useless
Spent the day in his silk pajamas
Eating toast and green bananas


Waited for the right occasion
When I might pop the question
Said she had to think it over
Wasn’t what I was expectin’
Told her that I’d see her later
Then went out for some cerveza


Headin’ home from Argentina
All alone, no senorita