Bradley Andrews - Singer/Songwriter

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I am a poet -- My songs often begin as poems. I like to tell stories about my own life and my search for meaning, for love, for connection. I also have a playful, irreverent side that comes out at times. My songs will capture both this serious and playful side.  

I am self-taught -- I never learned to use a pick, and developed my own finger-picking style over a number of years. I loved listening to Leo Kotke and banjo players and tried to bring some elements of those sounds into my own.

I am a seeker - I have always been interested in other cultures, in spirituality, in learning. I began meditating at 20 and have been doing so ever since. I have explored many religious traditions - Christianity, Sufism, Hinduism, Judaism, Buddhism - and find wisdom and beauty in all paths. 


*** BIO INFO ***

Bradley Andrews plays a mix of folk and Americana, with some blues thrown in. He has a smooth, easy sound -- a finger-picking style guitar and a beautiful voice. He has performed his original songs in coffee house, pubs, and cafes around Washington and Oregon. 




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This is how he grows: by being defeated, decisively, by constantly greater beings. 

- Rainier Maria Rilke